Chef Kacey Grady

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Chef Kacey is an innovative cook who specializes in elevating "comfort food" cuisine. Her motto is "Creating Food Moments you and your loved ones won't stop talking about", because food presentation is a priority. The food at an event will no longer be an after thought when working with Chef Kacey, she believes the food should feel just as much a part of the party as the décor. Making her guest feel like the menu is a direct representation of who they are has become her specialty. Taking into consideration a favorite dish, color, theme, etc. all helps Chef Kacey curate the perfect menu for your upcoming event. She strives to create an "excitement" amongst your guest before they even taste the food. She believes anticipation is a feeling that actually enhances your taste buds, making you pay attention to even the smallest details that add to your enjoyment. Let KaceyGradyCooks bring your next event menu display to life!