• Our Story

    Private Chef Week recognizes the artistry and philanthropy of the culinary arts community.  Since 2019, Private Chef Week has celebrated the chefs, food producers, and restauranteurs through a series of intimate experiences taking place in and around Washington, DC. This year, the organization is honored to highlight imaginative culinary artists who are creating edible art and making greater impact in their communities. 
    Private Chef Week has been mentioned on Good Day DC, Good Morning Washington, Foodie and The Beast, as well as Flights and Foods. The Week is proud to bring together the independent members of the food and drink industry who have made national appearances on Hell's Kitchen, Chopped, Bake It Like Buddy, HOLIDAY WARS, and Candy Land.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is EAT which focuses on providing consistent Economic opportunities, improving Access to resources, and leveraging Technology to broaden our social impact. Private Chef Week chooses to align with programs and organizations that promise to do the same.