Chef Damian Brown

· Chef Damian
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Chef Damian, a Capitol Heights native, boasts over 10 years of culinary experience. His story begins with childhood lessons with his grandfather as he instilled worth into the young chef. His interest and curiosity grew from watching culturally positive shows on networks like the History and Food channels. Damian learned early on that he wanted to be a unique chef that stood out from others.  He refers to his cooking style as being uncaged and free to create what his heart desires.  This notion birthed his company known as The Uncaged Chefs.  Rebelling against traditional standards, his company employs chefs who are eager to learn his cooking style and philosophy.  Chef Damian strives to make amazing food while empowering and inspiring others along the way.Living by the motto of “No Rules, Just Good Food” has set The Uncaged Chefs apart from the rest.  Executive Chef Damian thrives off of offering never before seen dishes that are a culinary delight for his customers.  To connect with The Uncaged Chefs please stop by the District Heights location for an authentic Uncaged meal. You may also follow Chef Damian Brown on social media @kissthech3f or @theuncagedchefs