• private chef week 2020 schedule of events


    Join us for a virtual brunch! Watch and cook live with our featured chef while we drink champagne (or your favorite drink) and have a virtual dance party with some of our favorite hits.

    Monday, 9/21 - INVITATION ONLY

    This is an invite-only event with limited guests.

    Tuesday, 9/22 - A SEAT AT THE TABLE - NOW WHAT?

    You've been invited to dinner. you have your seat at the table, now what? Conversations & Demonstrations is a virtual day that you don't want to miss. We host virtual "TED-style" talks from culinary artists to answer the question: How does your past impact your food? 


    Then stick around for Q&A with the chef. next, hang out live with dining experts to discuss table etiquette tips, how to set a sexy table spread, and the perfect beverage pairs to step up your dinner game.


    Taste and Sip for a special happy hour with Chef Mike B. of Soul-Met with our cafe partner, Coffy Cafe. Chef Mike B. Takes over the kitchen and introduces a few delectable appetizers for carry out or to-go. this will be a social distancing event as all. guests will be required to wear face coverings unless eating and require to comply with CDC guidelines.

    Thursday, 9/24 - CLASSES AND E-COURSES

    Meet private chefs and start burning in the kitchen! Just choose from a number of culinary e-courses and workshops to attend from bakers, chefs and food enthusiasts.

    Friday, 9/25 - POP UP PRIVATE DINNERS

    Tired of watching and ready to taste the amazing cuisine? This day is for you!


    The pop-up dinner is designed to support our private chef community, specifically, that have been impacted by the pandemic. We are prepared to host this event in 2 cities this year.


    There two ways to participate:

    • First, PCW is encouraging chefs to create programming particularly on Friday, 9/24. PCW would act as a marketing affiliate and promotional partner in this effort. Currently, there are pop up dinners scheduled in Atlanta and DC.
    • Secondly, PCW is encouraging foodies to explore and hire available private chefs (of their choice). By having multiple pop-up dinners on Friday, 9/24 we hope to create a sense of unity and connectedness.
    If chefs would like to get involved, visit this link. Foodies if you'd like to attend, please email hello@privatechefweek.com.

    Saturday, 9/26 - COMMUNITY SERVICE EVENT

    Chefs and foodies participate in our 1st annual community event.

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